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Sunday, October 19, 2008

asia afrika - bandung

Savoy Homann
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 61
Telp. (022) 4232244
Savoy Homann has witnessed historical moment for world history. In 1955, when the first Asian African Conference was held in Bandung, Savoy Homann honorably hosted its VVIP guest and became a part of the famous Historical Walk. Present day Bandung is thriving.
As home to the excellent fine arts offerings, have produced an artist colony of great repute and excitements that complemented by its beauty landscapes surrounding.
The precise date when Savoy Homann Hotel firstly built is unknown, based on some files Savoy Homann was built before 1888 and owned by Mr. A. Homann, a Germany nation immigrant that strand to Tatar Priangan around 1870.

On February 1937, the hotel experienced renovation and finished by the end of 1939 then referred as Savoy, the new building, managed by Mr. F.J.A. Van Es.
After the Japan Opsir occupied the hotel as their embarkation in 1942 then in 1945 the place become the International Red Cross station under head Captain Gray, “ Savoy Homann “ finally returned to its owner,namely Mr. F.J.A. Van Es in 1946 and managed this hotel until 1952. After the dead of Mr. Van Es, hotel head is taken over by his wife, Mrs. Van Es de Brink. Mrs. Van Es de Brink who was very sorrow to be remained by her husband, wishes back to the Dutch and sell the share of hotel “ Savoy Homann” to Mr. R.H.M. Saddak .
Savoy Homann was one of the biggest hotel in south east Asia, it has become a sojourn place of many important delegation for the occasions of Asia Africa Conference, PATA Conference and Asia Africa Islamic Conference.

After a long term of negotiation process (from 1986 to 1987), Mr. R.M. Saddak finally sold his property hotel and displace ownership of hotel to Mr. H.E.K. Ruchiyat,Managing Director of PT Panghegar Group. Development of the hotel was continued by Mr. H.E.K. Ruchiyat.

The Indonesian economic crisis in 1997 has brought up the negative influence to the growth progress of tourism sector, specifically of hotel businesses. Refer to those reason, Mr. Ruchiyat, The President Commissioner of PT Panghegar Group, intend to concentrate his hotel business only in one brand that is Panghegar Hotel, which in that case he intended to sell his share at Savoy Homann Hotel to other investor .
Since January 2000, Savoy Homann Hotel owned by Bidakara foundation . After shading in Bidakara Group, and changed the name, becoming Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel, and intended to give separate nuance to tourism growth in Bandung .
Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel remains its name as one of historical place in the city of Bandung and still always welcome their guest with hospitality of Sundanese people .

savoy homann hotel

savoy homann hotel

Merdeka Building
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 65
Telp. (022) 4233564, 4238031
This building was built in 1921. In the early days it was known as Societeit Concordia, a coffee shop, and bars. The government of Republic of Indonesia replaced its function into a governmental office in 1946. Asian-African Conference was held here in 1955.

merdeka building (asia afrika building)

the junction

the traffic in asia afrika street


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